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Academy of Art & Design

What we can provide?

Art Lessons

Our professional artist teachers, Beibei & Leilei spent years teaching students of all levels. As artists, they understand each students have their own potentials expressing art in many formats. They will spend time discovering each of their student's abilities and skills with careful observations.  After all, they will instruct each student by giving specific details.  We are sure that our students will be shining in their art paths in many ways. 


To ensure our education quality, we have limited number of seats per class.  

foreign language lessons

Language and art have been historically intertwined as one. At the Academy of Art & Design, we hire teachers who are qualified to teach a foreign language. Choose from Mandarin Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish private tutoring or group lessons. We believe the that students should learn a foreign language as early as possible. There are many studies done that show benefits of knowing more than one language.


To ensure our education quality, we have limited number of seats per class. 

Our School's Purpose


The purpose of our school is to cultivate innovative artists, designers and interdisciplinary talents in the future, and to provide art and scientific creative thinking courses for the new generation in the artificial intelligence era. For K-12, we will prepare them well for entering university, as well as supplementary courses for college students and adult work. We have great flexibility in the degree of specialization and extensiveness of the curriculum. The art and design school focuses on the cultivation of interdisciplinary innovation and transformative talents. It has both the teaching concept of technology and art integration, and the combination of theory and practice with artistic thinking. 


We have creatively changed the most popular STEM teaching method in the world into the STEM teaching philosophy, with "art and design" as the core interdisciplinary education" method. We integrate Asian art and Western art, art and language, science and art, technology and science, and comprehensively improve students' comprehensive ability. 

Are we right for you?

Location, location, location

Conveniently located by 28th Street of Grand Rapids in the Cascade area, we are surrounded by supermarkets, kids' activities, and great restaurants. Being in the back of a commercial building, there is less traffic. Children's safety is always our number one concern. 

Waiting area

We have a great waiting area that is also an art gallery. In our school, we have many books and coloring pages that allow your little one to have fun while waiting for their or their siblings lessons.

Flexible classrooms for different lesson needs

We have many classrooms that designed with flexibility functions in mind to meet different types of lesson needs.   
Each classroom are filled with book shelves and shelves for art displays.  Also for different art lessons, we designed in class material boxes for easy accesses to supplies. 

Flexible make up policies

We understand things happen and it's okay to miss a class.  Just email us or call our office. We will work with you finding a convenience time for makeup.

Education Quality

We have many experienced teachers who care about students.  Developing unique lessons to target to each individual students' learning curves.  Even with the group learning lessons, student will be grouped with similar level students to ensure the whole group understand and learn at the same time.

Minimum age start taking language lessons? 

For young children, learning language is a part of their brain chemistry. While we can all learn a new language, research shows it is easier for young children to learn a second language, and, as a bonus, boosts multiple cognitive benefits for the child.

We are using to utility all of our teachers/students information and lecture information.  Be sure to create an account and be notified on your students' class schedules and school information. 

Limited seats per class

To ensure education quality, we reserve the right to limit the number of students sign up for each class. 

Holidays (2022)

We are closed on 
* May 30th 

*July 3rd & July 4th

* Nov 25th, 26th, and 27th

* Dec 23rd, 24thl and 25th
* calendar may be changed due to incremental weathers or power outages. 

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