General Questions About Recent Events

When will in-person classes resume?

We are currently offering in-person lessons for private lessons only. Group lessons will still be hosted on Zoom for now.

My child created art at the Academy and it’s still at the school. When can we pick it up?

We are currently creating a plan where parents can come in to pick up their child’s art. If you are on the mailing list, we will contact you with more information later.

We are looking for a class that is not currently offered by your Academy, could you help us?

Yes, we can try to help you allocate the tutor that you need. Please let us know how we can help.

Extra Help for Children

My child has special educational needs and I want them to foster their art or language skills, do any of your teachers have any knowledge on how to work with a child with special ed needs?

We have a staff worker who is familiar with special needs children, please contact us and ask for our assistant manager, Holly (佳佳老师), she can work with you and the teachers to discuss how to best help your child.

FAQ for Lessons

What is the minimum enrollment for private lessons?

The minimum enrollment for private lessons is 4 classes.

My child is three years old, can I sign my child up for lessons?

The minimum age of students that we accept is 4 years old.

If my child has to miss a lesson, is there any way for them to make it up?

Yes! We are very flexible and able to use the class credit you missed for another make-up class. Please email us to find alternative time for makeup.

I am not unsure of my child’s level in (language, art, coding), is there any way you can assess my child’s level?

Yes! Our teachers can assess your child’s level to find the right class for your child. We believe that children should feel comfortable.

I want my child to have help with their homework and study for tests, is there any way your tutors can help with this?

Yes! Our tutors are able to create lesson plans that can suit your child’s learning needs.

I’m wanting my child to create an art portfolio for college, can your art teachers help with that?

Yes, our teachers can help your child create an art portfolio for applying for colleges or universities.

We don't live in Grand Rapids, can I still sign up my children for lessons?

Yes! Due to the pandemic, we have currently moved all our lessons online via Zoom and will continue to do so after the pandemic. Please contact us how to get your started.

We are interested in taking classes, but the time doesn't work for us. Do you offter classes besides what you have listed?

Our teachers are very flexible and will try to accomodate lessons to your schedule. Please let us know when you are available and how we can find the right teacher and time to teach your child.