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No Creative Play Studio open at this time.
Please contact us at or call us at 616-226-6199 if you are interested in private lessons and more information.

Creative Play Studio

What is a creative fun studio? 

A part of our academy is opening up to welcome everybody at all ages to join the fun of art creation.  Come to the studio and pick a project that you would like to work on.  We have all of the supplies that you need.  A studio teacher will help guide you throughout the process.  


What are the studio hours? 

Currently open for in-person private lessons. Please call us for private lessons. 


What is available at the studio?

Calligraphy, Canvas Painting, Ceramic Painting, Hand Sculpting,  Pottery, Tie Dye, Wood Sign Painting... etc.


What are the prices per project? 

Prices are based on projects.  Starting at affordable $5, we don't want anybody to miss out the fun.  Most projects are between $10 - $25 range.  


What social gathering is creative fun studio good for?

 *girls/boys play dates (no minimum required)

*ladies/men/couples night out

*corporate team building

*church/social group events



Chinese Calligraphy


We will have many different assignments ready if you would like write calligraphy. 


 Price: $5 (2 pieces)        $10 (5 pieces)


Canvas Painting


Feeling like painting today?  We have projects for many different levels of painters.  

Price: $15 per piece


​Ceramic Painting


Stock of unpainted ceramics available ready for your personal touch.  Make a special gift for someone or having a small gathering?  You will always find that special piece. 


Starting at $10 a piece​


Tie Dye Fun


Fun with dye colors and techniques.


Bandana projects priced at an affordable price: $5 a piece ($4 for additional pieces).


Shirts ($15 a piece for regular size, $20 for plus size)​.


Hand Sculpture

Let's get dirty and playing with clay. 

Sculptures will be available for pickup about a week after being finished. Additional firing is required. 


$25 (about one pound of clay project)

$18 per additional pound.  




Pottery wheel throwing tables are open for walk-ins of artists with different levels of experiences. Beginners, please call ahead for times available.   

Firing is included.  Pickup about one week later.  


$30 (about one pound of clay project)

$15 per additional pound. 



Please call us at 616-226-6199 or email at for requests of a SMALL private party


Having a semi/private party? 

We will make it happen.



Tie-Dye Party

  • $375 for up to 15 kids (or up to 12 adults)

  • Each additional child is $12, each additional adult is $18 

  • 1.5 hours

  • 2 Party Hosts

  • 15  t-shirts (plus additional) 

  • Vibrant dye colors

  • Gloves

  • Aprons

  • Tie-dye to-go bags

  • Tie-dye Care Instructions

  • Setup and cleanup

Let’s get funky with our friends and express our love/friendships with colors.  This party pack can be used for kids or adults.  Each participant will have a great time designing their own personalized tie-dye t-shirt to take home.  Choosing from a variety of designs and creating a memory last a lifetime.  

Add more fun to your Party!

Additional party room ½ hour $50

Bandana $5 each

Pottery Painting Party

  • $450 for up to 15 kids (or up to 12 adults)

  • Each additional child/adult is $25 

  • 1.5 hours

  • 2 Party Hosts

  • 7 large & 8 medium pottery projects

  • Aprons

  • Firing a week after the party. 

  • Tie-dye Care Instructions

  • Setup and cleanup

 Choose from various designs of already made pottery or plates, painting with what our hearts desire.  The pottery party is great both for adults or kids with a unique art piece to bring home after firing.  No experience needed. We are here to create fun!

Add more fun to your Party!

Additional party room ½ hour $50

Canvas Painting Party

  • $450 for up to 15 children

  • Each additional child $15

  • 1.5 hours

  • 2 Party Hosts

  • 1 Canvas to paint and decorate

  • Paint brushes

  • Apron to use

  • Setup and cleanup

A classic and fun party! Join us for a Canvas Painting Party! After all, life is like a blank canvas and it’s up to them how they want to paint it. Children will have the opportunity to explore creativity through choosing from several colors! Ask us about our different canvas party ideas!

Add more fun to your Party!

Additional ½ hour $50

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