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Why should you take our Math or Coding lessons?

Python (coding)

Learning how to code programs on computers or phone apps is one of the newest types of job careers. With Python, students learn how to use basic coding and then use the coding abilities to create apps and small projects. As computer skills are essential to all types of jobs, it is important for students to be learning about them at an early age. The logic and flow behind a computer language is just like learning any other foreign language. Let’s be better prepared for the future with Python. 

Computer Programming
Beginner's Scratch

Technology and animation have become a vital part of modern human experience. Kids love games and some kids want to learn how to make them! In Scratch, students use a program to use to create interactive stories, games, and animation. For young students with little knowledge of coding language, Scratch is a great place to start. Scratch allows all students to understand the logic of coding language in a visual form. With the starting of our program in 2019, our group has grown tremendously. Let’s start Scratching!

Math Formulas

If your child has difficulty understanding math or needs extra help, our math teachers are able to help. From basic math to algebra to statistics, our math teacher’s extra help can make parents feel at ease for their child’s math learning. With modern technology accelerating rapidly, it is important that our children understand all different kinds of math problems. The future job market is dominated by the use of artificial intelligence and computer skills, which makes mathematical skills fundamental. 

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