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Community Benefit Programs

We hope that in an environment full of cross-border, cross-cultural, diverse values, students will learn to accept, respect and tolerate the diversity of the world on the basis of self-identity and cultural identity, and be more capable of integrating and innovating it.  By doing so, we must provide a steady stream of creativity for building a beautiful, tolerant and sustainable world. To benefit the community, one must grow into a world citizen with a public interest and a global outlook to build the future of the world. 


At the Academy of Art & Design, serving our community is a part of our foundation.  In the past, we have hosted self-awareness round tables for pre-teens and teenagers. We also provided a multitude of diverse classes for community members. Starting from April 2020, we began hosting free weekly Chinese story time to help ease the difficulties of quarantine. We are continuing our weekly story time with our communities and whoever would like to join us on Zoom. We also hosted a low cost virtual summer camp for Chinese immersion students from our community. 

Wimee’s Words