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Our Core Values


We believe that art and innovative thinking are essential for building a world of tolerance, mindfulness and beauty. We are passionate about curiosity and found answers to questions that have not yet been asked by thinking differently, accepting the challenge, and trying again.


Students pursue their passions through projects, and reflect on their learning. Recognizing that identity development and personal growth occur in the context of community, our schools foster relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students and adults through program design elements such as small school size, small classes, home visits, advisories, and student collaborative work.

Collaborative Design

With students as design partners, instructor function as reflective practitioners, conducting inquiry into equitable teaching and learning, school culture, project design, and authentic assessment. We are all still learning.


Growth is an evolving process of awakening and renewal. Growth occurs when we pay attention to where we are and where we want to be. It requires self-awareness, resilience and courage to embrace strangers. The journey begins with the understanding that we grow with every experience we encounter, and curiosity encourages you to learn for life.

Authentic Work

Our facilities are collaborative workplaces with small-group learning and project areas, relevant technology, and common spaces where artwork, and other artifacts of student thinking are created and displayed.


Community is apart of our foundation.  We work with the local community by volunteering with other organizations or hosting free trial lessons for kids. To benefit the community, one must grow into a world citizen with a public interest and a global outlook to build the future of the world. 

About Us


Founded by two professional artist Moms and an enthusiastic business Mom in the spring of 2019.  Our goal is to design and implement effective lessons that fits our students' current learning styles.  By utilizing STEAM lessons, we aim to create quality education for our community.  We believe each of our students have unique learning styles and growing abilities. Talents are to be discovered.

Art President:  Leilei Chen


08/2014-05/2017    Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
Master of Fine Art Degree
02/2005-07/2007    Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University
Master of Arts Degree


08/2015 - present   Adjunct Professor

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University

Courses taught:    Illustration III

Science Fiction Painting, Graphic design illustration 



(2018)The Ward H. and Cora E. Nay Director’s Choice Purchase Prize of 2018 West Michigan Area Show
(2018) South West Michigan Printmakers Excellence
(2018)Honorable Mention of West Michigan Art Competition 2018.
(2018)Excellent Work Award of 2018 Her Vision Contemporary Art


Check out Leilei's full detail here. 

Art Director:  Beibei Chen


08/2014-12/2017   Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University Master of Fine Art Degree


02/2006-07/2008   Department of Art Studies , Arts college, Peking University, M​aster of Arts Degree.


Solo Exhibition

(2018)Coming Solo exhibition, Forest Hills Fine Art Center ,Grand Rapids, MI, US (August 3-August 24)

(2018) Solo exhibition Art and Sustainability, Keeler Gallery of Fountain Street Church , Grand Rapids, MI, US (May1-June 26)

(2017) Solo exhibition Malignant Landscape, Alluvium Gallery, Grand Rapids MI (Feb. 3-Feb.25)

(2017). Solo exhibition Gaia, Westminster Presbyterian Gallery. Grand Rapids MI (Feb.1-April 30)

(2017) Solo exhibition Harmony, FCUM Gallery, Grand Rapids MI, Grand Rapids MI (Jan. 1-Jan.31)

(2016)     Childhood, Holland Hospital Galley, Holland, MI.


MOST RECENT Exhibition

(2019) Zen In The Spring, North American Fortune Foundation New York Branch,25-10 Ulmer street Flushing,NY (Feb.17-24)

(2019) Who's Who: LowellArts Members Exhibition, LowellArts,223 West Main Street, Lowell, (January 5 - February 9.)

(2019)24th Arts in Harmony 2019 Annual International Show,Hopkins Center for the Arts, 1111 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN (Jan.10-Feb.17)

One Traveling Exhibitions Arts North ,American Swedish Institute,MN

The other Traveling Exhibitions: Maple Grove Arts Center, MN

(2019) Export 2019,Mid-Hudson Heritage Center, NY(Mar.9-Mar.16)




(2018)The Ward H. and Cora E. Nay Director’s Choice Purchase Prize of 2018 West Michigan Area Show

 (2018)  South West Michigan Printmakers Excellence

(2018)Honorable Mention of West Michigan Art Competition 2018.

(2018)Excellent Work Award of 2018 Her Vision Contemporary Art Exhibition

Paper Making & Encaustic Painting Class

Sandra Hansen    

International Environmental Papermaker   


In 2014 I changed from a painter to an environmental artist and papermaker. I fell in love with the magic of creating something translucent from leaves and bark. It is completely environmentally sound and can be absolutely gorgeous. Its rich texture; its delicate gauzy effect, and its versatility is amazing. Paper has the ability to bring alive the horrendous problems of pollution simply by putting plastic bags into the pulp.  The beauty of the paper shows us the beauty of each of the objects that we love until they decay and become pollution.


Highest Education

MFA 2016

Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan



Most Recent Artist Residencies


2019                Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives (BigCi), Bilpin, Australia

2018                Artists Cultural Exchange I hosted an Artist Residency in                                                                           Southwest Michigan in September 2018

2018                Untitled Space, Jinze near Shanghai, China

2017                Jaipur Kala Chaupal, Jaipur, India

2015                Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni, Valderno, Italy

2015                Founder, Artist Cultural Exchange.  A nonprofit organization created to expedite                                  cultural exchanges between artists in different countries.

2013                Jaipur Art Festival, Jaipur, India

2005                Assi Ghat Varanasi, India


Gallery Representation


2018-present   Fernwood Gallery, Fennville, MI

2018                Unique Boutique, Muskegon, MI

2017-present   Flat River Gallery and Frame and Matting, Lowell, MI

2015-2016       Huber’s Fine Art Gallery, Holland, MI

2006-2007       Reflections Fine Art Gallery, Holland, MI




The Inner Mongolia Art Museum, Hohhot, China

Works held in private collections in Australia, Spain, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States


Most Recent Awards


2014                Honorable Mention for "Algae Bloom" at Holland Area Arts Council's All                               Michigan Regional Show. Holland, Michigan.

2013-2016       Kendall College of Art and Design MFA Portfolio Prize, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Most Recent Solo Exhibitions


2018    Great Legs Winery, Holland, Michigan

2017    Inner Mongolia Art Museum, Hohhot, China

2011    LedØje-SmØrum, Musikforening, 25 Year Jubilee Concert at Kulturhuset i SmØrum,         Copenhagen, Denmark

Check out Sarah's full detail here. 

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