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Summer Camps 2023

June 12th - Aug 18th 2023

Arts and Crafts

Each week students will learn a variety of different art styles and mediums. such as drawing, painting, sculpting and alternative art media.

They will learn about the fundamentals of art and design in a fun and creative way tapping into their imagination, and exploring the world around them as well as their own inner world. 


Weekly Themes

Week 1: June 19th-22nd Little Designer 小小设计师

Week 2: June 26th-29th Nature World (Nature Arts) 花草世界

Week 3: July 10th-13th Magical Fairytales 奇妙的童话世界

Week 4: July 17th-20th Super Heroes 超级英雄

Week 5: July 24th - 27th Amazing World Tours 奇妙的世界旅行

Week 6: July 31st - Aug 3rd Money Matters 理财和血拼

Week 7: Aug 7th-10th Emotion Recognitions 情绪认知

Week 8: Aug 14th-18th Repurposed Arts and Museums 环保艺术与博物馆

Floating illuminated lotus lantern on a lake in Vietnam
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