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Our Mission


Our founders moved to Grand Rapids years ago and fell in love with this community who value art as an essential part of life.  ​​​


This is the place where we want to touch people by creating art.  This is also the place that we want to touch people by their heart. We are dedicated to design and create art and Chinese classes with our individual students' growth in mind.  Together, we will grow with the local community as a whole.


"Art creates life; art inspires life; art saves life."  We believe art touches everybody's life in one way or another.  Life is filled of possibilities because of art.  



We are now offering zoom classes at the convenience of your home.

Creative Play Studio

  Come to the studio and pick a project that you want to work on.

Take Home Projects

Be creative with our many kinds of take-home projects.

Community Benefit Program

Free community round table events and art/language lessons.

Featured Programs


Multi-Level Language Courses 

Our teachers work hard to create lesson plans that suit each student's learning style and level. Standard courses are in a language immersion environment that the target language is taught through role play dialogues, games and other fun learning activities. The focus in these courses are on speaking and listening, also available are courses that also include reading and writing for a more comprehensive exploration of language. 

Whether you want to brush up on your language skills or even learn a new language, our teachers are able to create a language learning plan suitable for you.

The language courses we currently offer are: Mandarin Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, and English.


Professional Art Courses

From beginners to artists,  our professional art directors and experienced teachers make unique lesson plans customized to meet all needs.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​All lessons are project based learning. 

Click on "Courses" for details.


List of Art Classes:

Drawing (Pencil, Colorpencil, Pastel, Illustration)


Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor)


Ceramics ( Hand Sculpting, Wheel throwing) 


Digital Media (Sketch Coding, Photo Editing & Animation)

Creative Fun Play Studio
(Open Studio)
Creative Fun Play Studio
(Open Studio)

Creative fun art happens daily here at the studio.  

 Great for walk ins, small group gathering, parties, or corporate events. 

Walk ins are welcome. 

Please make a reservation for groups or parties, or simply call ahead Or email to see if the room is available. 


Projects available currently:  calligraphy, canvas painting, ceramics painting, woodsign painting, tie dye workshops, sculpture making, pottery wheels. 


Community Benefit Program

Academy of Art & Design is designed with community growth within our fundamentals.  We welcome everybody who has great community building ideas to work with us on making our society a better place. Please let us know how we can help. 


Having a student at home who would like experience art or Chinese lessons?  We can also help your student get into a try out lesson for free. 

Contact Us

Take Home Projects

Are you bored at home and wanting something fun to do during the pandemic? Or are you wanting to host an art party via Zoom? We have multiple take home projects that you can conveniently order on our website and come pick-up at our school. From canvas painting, ceramics, and tie dye kits, we have a multitude of projects for every age.

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